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EULAR - Newsletter 02 - 2018



NEWSLETTER 02 | 2018



Welcome to the EULAR Newsletter!

EULAR welcomes you to Spring and a wealth of activities in the coming Quarter.

Find out in this newsletter about the activities of EULAR past and present, and use the EULAR website calendar to get the overview of all activities across the network and beyond in the year ahead.

Enjoy the read!

The EULAR Secretariat



For all rheumatologists in RA: Take part in this survey!  

Give your opinion in less than ten minutes to the survey on musculoskeletal imaging: “Appropriateness criteria for the use of ultrasound in Rheumatoid Arthritis clinical practice”.

Confirm your participation with the message 'I would like to participate to the survey of the EULAR Task force, US appropriateness criteria in RA' to: us.appropriateness.criteria18@gmail.com 



EULAR Campaign: 

#ConnectToday in 2018: Whether Belgium, England, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia – get the latest updates of the EULAR Campaign Don’t Delay, Connect Today activities in the first half of 2018!



Belgium: #ConnectToday goes to the top

In February, EULAR member organisations in Belgium kicked-off a national level implementation of the EULAR Campaign with a special event at the country’s federal parliament, involving members of the media and policy-makers.

Watch to video here



They’re winners! Stene Prize 2018

Magdalena Misuno from Poland is this year’s Stene Prize winner! Per Clausen from Denmark and Maiken Brathe from Germany were awarded second and third prize, respectively.

Read the winning essays here



That was #PARE2018!

The EULAR PARE network gathered for the EULAR Annual Conference of PARE in Brussels, Belgium, in February.

Watch the livestream of the conference here



Young PARE: Youth shine brightly!

EULAR Young PARE members took part in the PARE Annual Conference for the first time in 2018. Prizes were awarded including a new youth award for the best contribution.

Get up to date with Young PARE activities here



Need to know: Biosimilars

Professor Hans Bijlsma, EULAR President, talks with Mr Dieter Wiek, Vice President PARE, about what a biosimilar is, the development of biosimilars since market introduction and what expectations can be held of biosimilars and their effectiveness.

Learn more here



EMEUNET: What’s new?

A new initiative from the EMEUNET Education Sub-group called ‘What is new?’ has been launched. The aim is to keep EMEUNET members up-to-date with the latest scientific and clinical findings in specific areas of rheumatology.

Learn more here



EMEUNET: Paper of the month

Every month, EMEUNET publishes an interview with the author of a recently published manuscript – watch here!



Save the date: First 2018 EULAR-EMEUNET Journal Club

The EULAR EMEUNET network will hold the first 2018 Journal Club on Wednesday, 21 February 2018 at 8.30pm GMT / 21.30 hrs CET on its dedicated Twitter channel @eular_jc #eularjc.



Brussels: Advancing disability polices after the EU Accessibility Act

EULAR Representatives joined Roberta Metsola (MEP & Chair of the Interest Group on Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases) on 26 February in Brussels to discuss developments with regard to the EU Disability Strategy.

Learn more here



Save the date:
First 2018 EULAR-HPR Research Grant winner 2018

The winner of the EULAR HPR Research Grant in 2018 is Ricardo Ferreira, Portugal.

Read more here



Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe: Recommendations 

The BioMed Alliance calls for more robust EU support for health research, through increased funding under FP9 and creation of a European Council for Health Research.

Read the paper here



New! Latest EULAR Recommendations

A EULAR Task Force has formulated 12 recommendations for the use of imaging in large vessel vasculitis in clinical practice, which have been published in its journal, The Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.

Read the press release here



EULAR Postgraduate Course: Sign-up today! 

Sign up for the EULAR Postgraduate Course in Budapest, Hungary, 1-3 October 2018. 

Learn more here



EULAR Ultrasound Courses (Basic-Intermediate-Advanced) 

Are you a rheumatologist and interested in taking part in a course for imaging modality, with the aim to guide diagnostic and therapeutic management decisions? Then sign-up here!



Amsterdam calling: Get ready for #EULAR2018!

The EULAR Congress 2018 will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 13-18 June, 2018.

Read more and register on the dedicated website here





#EULAR2018: Social media interviews

EULAR has launched a dedicated, year-round Twitter channel to press and media audiences globally. Hear members of the EULAR Executive Committee give interviews ahead of the EULAR Congress in Amsterdam, featured on @EULAR_Press




In the news: EULAR on social media

Follow EULAR and the EULAR Network on Twitter @eular_org and Facebook @eular.org and keep up-to-date with the association on a daily basis:







Professeur Laure Gossec

La SFR est fière d’annoncer la nomination de notre candidate Professeur Laure Gossec, PU-PH dans le service de rhumatologie de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, comme Présidente du comité permanent « Epidémiologie » de l’EULAR.

Nous lui adressons nos plus sincères félicitations.




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