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28 février - 2 mars 2019
EWRR 2019 c/o MCI Suisse SA
9 Rue du Pré-Bouvier - 1242 Satigny - Switzerland  
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Dear Friends,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 39th European Workshop on Rheumatology Research (EWRR). After Athens in 2017 and Geneva in 2018, the meeting will be held in Lyon in 2019, from Thursday February 28th, 2019 2 pm to Saturday, March 2, 2 pm. 

EWRR is probably the best meeting dedicated to rheumatology research. Since 1981 it has been held yearly, in a European country, bringing together around 250 participants from all European countries, and also other parts of the world. The size of the workshop is limited, and each participant must submit an abstract. This meeting is the place where for the first time, a young researcher will talk about his/her work in public. Organizing it in Lyon is symbolic for me as I have started “my career” as a speaker at this meeting in Amsterdam in 1982!

As always, the topics will cover the whole field of rheumatology research from basic to translational aspects leading to better care. There is always a local flavor and the 2019 meeting will focus on IL-17 and IL-17 producing cells, cell-cell interactions at the disease site, and the systemic effects of inflammation. With the objective of networking and helping young researchers, many opportunities will be given to present and discuss their results during oral presentations, poster tours, and also breakfast discussion on career opportunities with the more seniors.

Lyon is established at the site of the confluence between the Rhône and the Saone rivers. Roman, Italian influences as well as very modern architecture can be seen in the city center. Lyon has a unique tradition of food and wine excellence, which can be discovered throughout the city from the tiny “bouchons” restaurants  to the “star” restaurants. There are many direct flight and train options from most of the EU countries, and an easy bus, metro and tramway network within the city and to the airport.

Stay tuned by looking at the website of the meeting  http://www.ewrr.org/ for updated details, work hard to submit a good abstract in November, to fully enjoy the EWRR and Lyon city.

With my best regards,


Professor Pierre Miossec

Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
Immunogenomics and inflammation research unit
University of Lyon





Professeur Laure Gossec

La SFR est fière d’annoncer la nomination de notre candidate Professeur Laure Gossec, PU-PH dans le service de rhumatologie de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, comme Présidente du comité permanent « Epidémiologie » de l’EULAR.

Nous lui adressons nos plus sincères félicitations.




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